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Work Shorts & Country Shorts

Country Shorts –The Ultimate in Comfortable Clothing

Whether you’re saddling up or running around town with friends, there’s nothing more comfortable than these versatile shorts. A classic product of Australia's outdoors, country shorts have become an iconic style for men and women worn both on the trail as well as just kicking around town.

Dust N Boots is proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality shorts that are perfect for any outing.

Country shorts selection

For some people, shorts are their year-round staple. For others, they're reserved for the warmer months or for casual occasions. We've got variety and comfort covered when you shop our collection.

  • Casual shorts - made from durable and comfortable 100% cotton fabric. This breathable fabric is incredibly lightweight and durable, making it ideal for busy summer months.

  • Work shorts - designed for both men and women who work hard and want to be comfortable. These shorts are made to withstand the test of time and the exposure that comes with working hard. Dust N Boots shorts are made from high quality materials with extra deep pockets to carry all your essentials while you're working on the farm.

  • Board shorts - perfect shorts to wear while you're enjoying a day at the beach or the local pool. The pockets are mesh lined and large enough to hold all your essentials while you're enjoying the water. The waistband is adjustable and includes a drawstring for your convenience.

Reasons to wear country shorts this season

They keep you cool. The hot weather is here and what better way to beat the heat than to wear comfortable clothing. If you're wearing pants, it gets even hotter because of the extra fabric that's trapping the heat. When you are wearing shorts, air is flowing around your legs, making it easier to keep cool during those hot summer months.

They’re versatile. For people who love to hike, country shorts are great because they dry quickly and don’t take up as much space in your backpack. They also allow you more freedom of movement when you need it most. For people who simply want something comfortable that they can wear while relaxing at home, shorts fit the bill there too.

They’re comfortable. Our country shorts are made from 100% cotton so they feel good against your skin. They are loose enough in the legs that you can move around freely but not so loose that they look baggy or sloppy. The fabric is thick enough that it will hold up well to wear and tear.

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We specialise in a wide range of country shorts. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products around Australia at affordable prices with exceptional customer service.

If you’re looking for country shorts for men, women and kids, then check out the range of products on our website. Shop by size, colour, price and more. Enjoy bigger discounts on bulk orders and let Dust N Boots be your shopping partner now.