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Mens Workwear

Men's workwear for busy-working Aussie farmers

High-quality workwear with a well-thought-out functional design is a prerequisite for successful work. Dust n Boots knows everything about it and specialises in manufacturing workwear for hard-working men across rural Australia. We offer a wide range of quality products at an affordable price. If you are looking for durable, reliable and comfortable men’s workwear that won’t blow your budget, then you are in the right place.

Durable men’s workwear with stylish design

Agricultural work can involve difficult and often unpredictable working conditions, which undoubtedly require special work clothes. The men's workwear we offer is practical, durable and tastefully designed because we believe that being prepared with your workwear can only improve performance on the job.

Every piece of clothing is made from materials that can withstand various physical influences, depending on the area of use. Our high-quality products have been successfully tested in the field and have received widespread approval from our customers. Farm work is made easier with Dust n Boots men's workwear that effectively protects you without restricting your movement or causing discomfort. Moreover, our pockets also fit your phone! 

Workwear should primarily provide protection against the weather. We create summer clothing lines designed for use in the warm season. They are comfortable and lightweight. The material is durable and breathable. With these clothes, you can stay cool in the heat for a long period.

Our winter range is designed to protect you from cold and windy conditions and includes polar fleece. These garments are created using the most modern insulation materials. Such workwear maintains an optimal body temperature so that you stay comfortable for the duration of your day.

We also offer an embroidery service for applying your company logo or lettering. This will allow you to reflect your own team’s style and make your corporate wear stand out from others.

Men's workwear is available online now

There are many companies in Australia sewing and selling workwear, but Dust n Boots offers the best solution in terms of price and quality. Having worked on a farm ourselves, we have plenty of experience in understanding what Australian working men need from their work clothes.

Versatility, durability, simplicity and convenience - these are the four main criteria that we take into account when designing our workwear. The Dust n Boots catalogue features products manufactured from high-quality materials that are distinguished by comfort, functionality, and style-led design. For summer, opt for practical shorts and polo shirts, or you can combine dress shirts with jeans, and for cold weather, a soft and comfortable polar fleece is a must-have.

Choose country clothing that suits you and order online today. We will send your purchase anywhere in Australia, so you’ll be equipped with your new work wardrobe within a few days.