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About us

This business was born from our own frustrations, buying a tough but affordable work shirt used to be as hard as making the farm budget balance. For the best part of the ‘90s and into the ‘noughties’, Australian farmers had little choice when it came to clothing that wasn’t flannelette and would withstand the rigours of day-to-day farm work without breaking the bank.

Dust N Boots was launched in 1998 and is now a household name within farming families. It grew in the shearers’ quarters of the family farm in Northern NSW until 2019 and then made the move to Toowoomba, QLD where there is now a shopfront. Dust N Boots is the ‘go to’ for not only work clothing, but smart/casual clothes, accessories & corporate wear for rural Aussies.

The family is 100% ‘hands on’ in the business – putting heart and soul into not only the designs for the ranges of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, but in sourcing the best possible quality materials from local and international manufacturers. The result is a product with country soul that’s comparable – or better – quality than any other rural outfitter in Australia AND it comes at a price that won’t blow the budget.

At Dust N Boots, we know regional and rural Australia.  

We know you want quality.

We know you want a reasonable price.  

We know you want great service.  

And we know you’ll be happy dealing with a regional business with a regional Australian family at the wheel.