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Work Shorts

Work Shorts that Offer the Ultimate in Comfort and Quality

Work shorts are a great option when the weather is warm, but you still have to get stuff done. Whether you're going to be working in the yard or on a building site, our work shorts are equipped to offer reliability in a range of conditions and environments.

If you're looking for a new pair of work shorts, there are several options. But before you choose, it's important to consider what features are most important. There are two major factors that make a great pair of work shorts: durability and comfort.

Durability. Work shorts are built to last, just like jeans or other types of trousers. They're made from high quality materials and have reinforced seams that enable them to withstand hard use - they won't rip or tear easily if they get caught on machinery or sharp objects. This makes them ideal for jobs that require a lot of manual labour, such as working on the farm, painting and building work.

Comfort. Work shorts are made to be worn in warmer conditions and therefore offer optimal comfort in the heat. They provide a high level of breathability and don't restrict your range of movement, unlike jeans or other styles which can cause discomfort during warmer weather.

The Dust N Boots collection of work shorts offers styles made from the softest cotton, allowing them to keep you cool and comfortable.

Our men’s work shorts come in exactly the style suited to your needs. They are made from 100 % cotton drill and with a relaxed fit that's not too tight and allows you to move and sit comfortably. With plenty of pockets, these shorts give you ample storage space for your tools, wallet and keys. We also provide a collection of women’s work shorts that offer equal comfort and durability.

Get your work shorts at Dust N Boots

Dust N Boots is your go-to supplier for all the best workwear. We carry a full line of the most durable and comfortable work shorts and other garments around. We also have a wide range of work shirts, hi vis long sleeve shirts, boots and accessories. Our range is customisable and can be embroidered with your company logo. Contact our friendly service team to find out more.