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Women’s Belts

Authentic Western Belts for Women

Dust N Boots offers a comfy and stylish collection of versatile and easy-to-style western leather belts for women. An accessory staple, our range of these traditional leather belts offer practicality and let you make a style statement at the same time.

Cowboy belts are known for their trademark large buckles. A belt buckle is a clasp used to fasten the two end straps of a belt. These buckles are made of metals like brass, silver, or gold plating. Today, western belts are not only for cowboys but are also a popular fashion trend for women.

Dust n Boots women’s belt styles

Our collection of authentic women’s belts comes in a wide variety of designs and styles. Whether you’re a country girl through and through or a city girl looking to diversify your style, the Dust n Boots western belt collection is for everybody.

The hobble belts with knife pouch pockets are one of our popular styles because of their durability and dual functionality. Hobble belts have been around for hundreds of years and are used for livestock purposes. The hobbles are a traditional Australian accessory that helps riders and stockmen in securing their horses and the pouch serves as a place for securely holding a pocket knife or similar.

Women’s hobble belts are crafted from leather with reinforced stitching, no rivets, brass buckles, and two rings. They look great as they age making them a style investment for years to come.

Add a splash of colour to your outfit with our hand-embroidered saddle leather belt or opt for a plain leather style to channel classic chic.

These belts make the perfect match for wardrobe favourites including denim, chinos, dresses, and skirts too.

More ways to style ladies’ leather belts

As well as our premium quality leather belts, Dust n Boots has a range of apparel to ensure you’re ranch ready. You’ll find women’s workwear including shirts and shorts that’s designed specifically for the outdoors.

Shopping online with Dust n Boots

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the whole team, Dust n Boots caters to all types of order, with discounts offered on bulk purchases. The Dust n Boots team is on hand to help and answer any questions you might have about the ordering process, sizing or shipping. Contact us by phone or email today.