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Sloppy Joe Jumpers

Sloppy Joe and Work Jumpers 

Warm clothes made of thick 100% cotton is a staple for every country man’s wardrobe. As soon as it gets cold outside the sloppy joe jumper replaces T-shirts and shirts.

You might wonder, what is a sloppy joe jumper? You've probably seen these comfortable jumpers, but just didn't know their name. The history of this simple jumper started with male Ivy League students, who wore oversized, sloppy-style sweaters to show their superiority. A bit later Sloppy Joes gain popularity among women and create a new way to emphasize femininity. Nowadays these sloppy jumpers won’t make a loud statement, but still will transform your appearance.

 Stylish sloppy joe clothing for men and ladies provide maximum comfort during farm work and outdoor activities. Due to the classic straight cut, the jumper does not hold down your movements and fits men and women of any shape. Such styles will be appropriate not only in a work wardrobe, but also for a festive event.

Renew your wardrobe with comfortable and durable jumpers

Since comfort is the most important thing for hardworking men and women, they choose only high-quality products that will not age after several washes and will retain their original appearance even after a long time. Dust N Boots knows how to meet these requirements and pays a lot of attention not only to the design of men and women’s country jumpers, but also to the selection of materials. The quality of our clothing will surpass all expectations - the jumpers are very soft, pleasant to the touch and made of breathable and hypoallergenic fabric.

A sloppy joe jumper allows you to create an image for every day: it is compatible with sports and casual clothes, trousers or jeans.

Buy sloppy joe jumpers from a regional business that knows everything about day-to-day farm work

Sloppy Joe Jumpers have become popular among men and women of various ages due to the excellent combination of practicality and visual appeal. It is not difficult to buy sloppy joe jumpers in Australia, but not all manufacturers can provide a guarantee of its quality. Dust N Boots offers to purchase stylish clothing that is made of high-quality material with tough fittings, match to the latest fashion trends and the best part is that you can get it at a reasonable price.

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