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A-Blue/Red/White Saddle Leather Designer Belt

$25.00 AUD $99.00 AUD
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Wrap up your attire with a Designer Belt and let the leather do the talking. Ladies feel free to tell him he's dreaming! And guys back yourself, as she could be the one going straight to the poolroom. Add a fresh, cool touch to your wardrobe with our designer leather polo belts. Our vibrant colours & patterns are sure to spark interest. 

Genuine hand-embroidered saddle leather belts with quality brass fittings that wear well and become old friends.

How to Measure Belt:

The very best way of ordering the right polo belt is to measure an existing belt from start of the leather, not including the buckle, to the most comfortable hole. The size measurement in centimetres (say size 90cm) will give you the approximate measurement in between holes three and four out of six.

Belts are measured (not including the buckle) to the middle of holes three and four out of six